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Learn More about E&E Radiator Services

E&E Radiator Services is a locally owned and operated company in Westlock that specializes in providing repairs and services to a variety of equipment from the automotive, trucking, industrial, heavy-duty, oilfields, and agriculture industry. You must be wondering what does E&E stand for? Well, it stands for Ernie Ernst, who founded the company in 1976. Once demand exceeded supply, Ernie called upon Larry Olson to join him after learning about his excellent skills in the industry.

Upon Ernie’s retirement, the ownership of the company was acquired by Larry Olson in 1992. Since the age of 17, Larry was in the radiator industry. Hence, he was known as the “soldering master.” He had the unique ability of controlling the flow of solder like how Mozart did with music. This enabled him to take the company to a whole new level, expanding the quality of service from patching to completely rebuilding a radiator from scratch. Larry decided to retain 'E&E Radiator Services’ as the company’s name in order to take advantage of the excellent reputation Ernie established over the years building the company.

Larry's son, Larry Junior also took interest in the same field. With his father’s talent, he started working for the company at the age of 12. After acquiring the skills of his father, the industry went through a huge shift from copper to aluminum radiators. Junior switched his focus to the challenge of figuring out the techniques involved in repairing aluminum radiators.

Today, E&E Radiator Services specializes in all soldering, brazing, and welding of aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and plastic materials on fuel tanks, radiators, heaters, coolers, condensers, exchangers, and miscellaneous applications in all industrial, agricultural, heavy-duty, automotive, and miscellaneous sectors of the industry.
It is our goal and commitment to keep up with the evolutionary changes in the technology and demands of the industry. To learn more about us, please get in touch .


Brands We Carry

Spectra Premium
Pacific Radiator MFG
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